L-Cloud Project mentioned during an Erasmus+ Proposal Preparation and Management course – Agros, Cyprus

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New Position: Project Management and Administration Officer
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L-Cloud Project mentioned during an Erasmus+ Proposal Preparation and Management Workshop – Dbayeh, Beirut

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L-Cloud Newsletter (1st Issue)

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PhD Position: Formal methods in control (Munich, Germany)

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News of Blended AIM EU Funded project

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General Assembly 2018 Press release

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ERASMUS+ KA1 Confirmed Course: Preparation of proposals and Management of EU Projects

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EACG General Assembly 2018

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Transational Project Meeting 5 & Multiplier Event of the European Project DivSea - Diversification of Seafarers Employability have been organized by the European Association of Career Guidance in Cyprus.

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EACG Privacy Policy

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DivSea Project: Multiplier Event for Diversification of seafarers employability paths through collaborative development of competences and certification

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Training activity and Focus Group in Cyprus for I-ACE project

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Student and Youth International Internships

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Pangango Connecting learning to life

Panjango makes learning relevant to the 21st century. The resource takes a radically different approach to careers education, giving learning context and purpose by directly linking the curriculum to the real world. Panjango enables young people to learn about the world of work in an interactive and engaging virtual learning environment while developing the knowledge, skills and experience needed to thrive in life after school.

Panjango is a powerful, immersive experience which helps young people understand why learning is important, and how it is used in practical settings in the world of work." Richard Gerver, Author & Head Teacher of the Year

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CAREER-EU 2017 Conference

The European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) in cooperation with the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators (EAEC) organized the 8th Annual CAREER-EU Conference on 21-24 June 2017 in Nicosia, Cyprus.

During the conference participants had the opportunity to follow presentations and workshops given by career guidance counsellors and other experts on various topics, namely: Enhancing Employability through Fostering Soft skills and the Entrepreneurial Spirit among university students, Career Counseling in Times of Change, New skills for new jobs; Recruitment; Adult education; Erasmus+ traineeships; Mobility and Career and many others. 

Workshops and Sessions within the conference were also conducted to discuss specific topics and to draw up concrete suggestions, which can contribute to the improvement of Career Guidance Counselling.

Conference participants represented many European countries such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Romania.

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Survey: What do you think about the future of the Education and Training in EU?

Dlearn in cooperartion with the European Association of Career Guidance and the European Association of Erasmus Coordinators promotes a survey to collect trends and ideas about the future development in Education and Training in the era of digital transformation.

We are keen to understand your point of view as we promote a bottom-up approach for this survey, that will be shared among all European Countries and EU institutions, thus to collect a feedback from people that deals daily with improvements and changes in education and training.

Do you work in the field of VET, Higher Education, School or Adult education? Let us know what do you think about future challenges and opportunities in your field.