EU Funding Projects

EU Funding Projects




Diversification of Seafarers Employability paths through collaborative development of competences and certification-DivSea

DivSea is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project in the field of Strategic partnership for vocational education and training. The project funded under the aims to improve the employability skills and work opportunities for marine workers and to reduce the existing gap between the education and labour market, by diversification of career paths and skills recognition. Specifically, this project intends to build a collaborative network to continuously identify the gaps between marine labour market needs and educational field in terms of both hard and soft skills. This network will improve soft skills by continuous professional development of educational staff and marine workers in ICT to diversify career paths through collaborative short term training. 

Implementation Period: 01/09/2016-31/08/2018

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International Assisted Communication for Education I-ACE

I-ACE is an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project in the field of Strategic Partnerships for school education. Inter-personal communication and international cooperation play a key role in education and in a broader sense, in active citizenship. These opportunities should be equally available to all, promoting social inclusion. 
However, the access to these opportunities by disabled people is constrained, in particular for deaf people due to the barriers they face in daily communication. These are facts that severely compromise the development of creative, emotional and social skills in deaf students. Barriers to education limit future opportunities. Any contribution to tear these barriers down promotes equity.The I-ACE project will establish an innovative infrastructure to promote fluid communication with, and between, deaf students from different European countries. This infrastructure includes an automatic European Sign Language Translator allowing the automatic bi-directional translation between sign language and written speech in six European sign languages thus reducing the communicational gap and contributing to promote the access to education and a better quality of life of deaf students.
The I-ACE project aims to transfer innovative research results and put them to the service of the European community.

Implementation Period: 01/11/2016-31/10/2018



Information and Communication Technology for Romanian Career Counseling 

Project implemented within the Erasmus + Programme between September 2014 and August 2016 
by CJRAE Vrancea (Romania) in partnership with Consiliul Judeţean Vrancea (Romania)Asociaţia 
Alternative Educaţionale (Romania), European Association of Career Guidance (Cyprus), com2go 
(Cyprus) şi Education Innovation Transfer Centre (Latvia). 
The total financing was 125.545 euro, with the main objective to develop online services for pupil’s 
career counseling.  
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