The EuropeanAssociation of Career Guidance (EACG) was founded in 2010, with an officialkick-off meeting during the CAREER-EU Conference 2010. The purposes of theAssociation are:

  1.     to enable information and experience exchange by career guidance counsellors and HR practitioners,
  2.     to circulate provisions of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its updates in academic and professional circles,
  3.     to support the process of raising education and professional standards and quality in the
  4.     territory of the European Union,
  5.     to support and contribute to the European Employment and Vocational Education and Training Policies,
  6.     to organize training and train-the-trainer courses for the promotion of Life-Long Learning (LLP),
  7.     to organize seminars and conferences, which will enable direct communication among the Association members and beyond and for the definition of new areas of the Association activities,
  8.     to prepare proposals within the framework of EU programmes funded by the European Commission,
  9.     to cooperate as a coordinator or partner in European projects,
  10.     to produce publications of interest to EACG members and the interested audience.


  • Open to all who deal with career guidance and employment directly or indirectly.
  • Communicate better with all stakeholders . . . bottom-up approach.
  • Annual meetings through CAREER-EU Conferences and Exhibition.
  • Access to the CAREER-EUshop platform.
  • Grundtvig courses for specialists and non-specialists.
  • Get support from a working group.
  • Become a partner in EU funded projects.
  • Learn what is happening in Europe on guidance and employment.
  • Discover good practices in guidance and employment.
  • Participate in dialogues/round-table discussions.
  • Get support to run European level surveys.
  • Publish articles in EACG newsletter.
  • Network with all stakeholders on guidance and employment.


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